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Considering its size, you’d be forgiven for thinking that St Kitts offers little for visitors to do other than relax on the beach, but you’d be mistaken! In fact, our selection of St Kitts tours covers a huge range of activities, from one of the most scenic railways in the world to open-top jeep safaris, rainforest and volcano hiking to duty free shopping. The list below covers our most popular St Kitts tours, but there is so much more available, from golf to scuba diving and everything between. Let us know your passion, and we’ll plan an experience to match!

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Brimstone Hill Railway Island Tour

The narrow gauge St. Kitts Scenic Railway offers visitors a journey through time on one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. Built between 1912 and 1926 to deliver sugar cane from the fields to the sugar mill in the capital city of Basseterre, the railway now provides a fascinating way to see the entire nation from the comfort of luxurious railcars built specifically for St Kitts tours.

Tour includes complimentary snacks and beverages onboard the train.

Duration: Three (3) hours
Cost: US$95 per person

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Off-The-Beaten-Track 4×4 Jeep Safari

Our 4×4 St Kitts tours take you off the beaten track and into the hinterland of beautiful St Kitts in specially modified 4×4 Land Rover Defenders. Drive up into the mountains from the placid Caribbean coast stopping initially to visit a private, Sugar Plantation Home, at Shadwell Estate, built in the mid 1700’s. Following a walk around the grounds, and a tour inside the Great House itself, the Jeep Safari continues off-the-beaten- track to a second plantation Great House at Whyte’s Estate, about a mile away. At this beautiful Plantation Home, you can enjoy another walkabout of stunningly landscaped gardens and an old Sugar Plantation Great House. Next we travel through sugar cane fields, quaint rural villages and eventually the cool mountain rainforest arriving at another private property with panoramic mountain top views, 1200 feet above the sea. Here experience a not to be forgotten birds eye view out over our island home as well as a delicious island picnic of exotic Caribbean fruits, island sweets, local rum and homemade juices.

The 4×4 Jeep Safari then travels down from this mountain top view back through a lushly forested valley to reemerge at the rainforest edge, in swaying fields of sugar cane from where there are spectacular views down over our windswept Atlantic coastline. After driving a short distance from the rainforest edge we stop to visit the fascinating ruins of an old Muscavardo Sugar Factory.

We tour the ancient sugar factory ruins on foot, exploring its picturesque old Windmill and Boiling House while hearing fascinating stories about sugar cane cultivation on St. Kitts and how brown sugar, molasses and rum were produced here in colonial times. The Jeep Safari then continues down from the mountains towards the Atlantic coast eventually stopping at St. Mary’s Anglican Church, built in the mid-1700’s and perched on a high ridge above Cayon village. This fascinating cut stone church once served as the Sugar Planters’ church but today, is a much loved community church, with an Afro-eccentric feel.

We then continue back to our starting point by traveling along the windswept Atlantic coast road, never to repeat the route used on the way out. A not to be missed 4×4 driving adventure to have an up-close look at the Sugar Heritage of beautiful St. Kitts as well as an unforgettable off the beaten track photo safari.

Tour Includes a full island picnic, entrance fees to all private properties, transportation by modified 4X4 Land Rover with a professional guide/historian.

Duration: Four (4) hours

Cost: US$65 per person (minimum four people)

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Mount Liamuiga Volcano Hiking

For those looking for St Kitts tours that offer a real sense of adventure, try our full-day Volcano Safari and experience rugged hiking adventure that offers unparalleled scenic opportunities of our island home, as well as an exciting off-road drive. The drive out to start the hike takes an hour from Basseterre and initially follows the coastal road past Brimstone Hill National Park and then leaves it at Belmont Estate, on the far side of the island, to travel up through the sugar cane fields to an area 1200 feet above the sea.

On arriving at the trail head we hike through the lush, protected rainforest of the Interior National Park to the Volcano Craters rim, 2800 feet above the sea. This high mountain area lies cloaked in a dwarfed cloud forest and overlooks what is often called a Giants Salad Bowl, the islands volcano crater, one thousand feet deep and almost a mile wide.

Here on our narrow crater rim enjoy a delicious, picnic lunch while resting amidst the lush cloud forest from where there are spectacular views over our quilted coastline below, with nearby offshore islands on the one side and on the other the Giant Volcano Crater plummeting 1,000 feet to its floor. A truly spectacular place to hike along the Craters’ rim and enjoy the unforgettable views it offers. On returning to the Land Rovers at the foot of the mountain we celebrate our challenging hike with an open rum and juice bar before returning home.

Tour includes refreshments, transportation by modified Land Rover with a professional guide.

Duration: Eight (8) hours

Cost: US$90 per person

Fitness Requirement: Moderate to challenging

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Valley Of The Giants Rainforest Hike

Discover the enchanting world of our Caribbean Coast Rainforest on a moderate hiking adventure into our islands biggest river system, at Wing Field River Valley, which will also include a side trip to visit Pre-Colonial Indian Rock Carvings at Bloody River Canyon, along the way.
At tours end we celebrate with an island picnic at the site of an old colonial sugar mill, followed by a brief description into the production of crystallized sugar here during the colonial times. This promises to be the Ultimate Island Safari; and one of the most unforgettable St Kitts tours!
Tour includes refreshments, transportation by modified 4X4 Land Rover with a professional guide.

Duration: Four (4) hours

Cost: US$65 per person (minimum of 4 persons)

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Atlantic Coast Rainforest Safari

Come stretch your legs and enjoy this moderate hiking adventure into our Atlantic Coast Rain Forest that will also include an exciting 4 x 4 cross-country drive. The Land Rovers featured here offer you unforgettable views, up close, as they travel through the off the beaten track countryside of our island home and are specially designed and ruggedly comfortable just for your off road touring pleasure. The fascinating 4 x 4 cross-country drive will at first start up from the windswept Atlantic coast then travel through swaying fields of sugar cane, friendly country villages, old sugar plantation yards and lushly forested valleys before arriving at the Rain Forest edge, 1300 feet above sea level. After arriving here you can enjoy a delicious island picnic, of exotic fruits in season, homemade juices and coconut pastries. Then take a moderate hiking adventure along specially designed looped trails to discover the secrets of the Atlantic Coast Mountain Rain Forest. Here you can enjoy a valley of giant trees laden in vines and epiphytes that create cool green chambers to hike through, a place of rare beauty and tranquility that remain pest-free year round. Come and see a spring fed waterfall, troops of green monkeys, giant blue pigeons and three different types of unique hummingbirds, among many other things. With our award winning interpretative skills this new hiking safari on offer to our Atlantic Coast Mountain Rain Forests will leave you with renewed awe and fascination for our unspoiled Rain Forests.

Tour Includes: Refreshments, Transportation by Modified 4X4 Land Rover with a Professional Guide

Duration: Four (4) hours

Cost: US$65 per person (minimum of 4 persons)

Fitness level: Moderate

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Shopping Spree

Explore the small but lively capital city of Basseterre on an exciting shopping spree at the local craft market and vendors arcade. The next stop will be the Port Zante Shopping Mall with its Supermarket, liquor store, bookstore and a selection of other shops and boutiques.

Tour includes complimentary water or local juice, fresh fruits, transfers in an air conditioned bus.

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