Commitment Ceremony


Commitment Ceremony

Nowadays, many couples choose a Commitment Ceremony over a legal or religious marriage, and often the event is very similar to other kinds of weddings. The difference is that rather than being a legally binding marriage, the Commitment Ceremony is simply a public affirmation of the couple's commitment to one another.

A commitment ceremony may be religious or secular, formal and traditional or loose and unstructured, depending on the couple's own preferences. However, Dreamy Weddings can advise and offer a myriad of suggestions to make your Commitment Ceremony in the Caribbean the most memorable day of your life together.


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This package is ideal for the LGBT brides and grooms. This ceremony is not legally binding in all destinations so speak with your wedding planner for further details on a legally binding ceremony.
  • Pre wedding consultation with wedding planner
  • Marriage Officer
  • Champagne to toast
  • Exchange of Rose for couple
  • Photography for 1 hour
  • Images viewed online
  • Commitment Certificate
  • Beach Venue
Commitment Ceremony - Dreamy Weddings

Planning & Coordination

  • Consultations via email, telephone or skype (whichever is your preference)
  • Personal Wedding Planner to guide you through the entire planning process
  • Development of a detailed wedding timeline/schedule
  • Set calls starting 3 months in advance of wedding date
  • On-site coordination and supervision on wedding day
  • Assistance in budget determination as needed
  • Discussion of theme, color, style and complete wedding design
  • Matching best wedding vendors in each category that fit wedding event style

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Commit to that special someone. No legal actions included.
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