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St Kitts Weddings

One half of the twin island federation of St Kitts & Nevis, Dreamy Weddings is headquartered in St Kitts and offers its clients customized wedding packages. St Kitts has an unspoilt natural charm.

Weddings can take place on St. Kitts and honeymoon in Nevis or vice versa. The island St. Kitts offers unique experiences such as Brimstone Hill Fortress or Timothy Hill which gives the views of the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean.  There is no residency requirement in St. Kitts so you can get your marriage licence within one day.

Couples getting married in St Kitts often enjoy the slower pace of a country holiday near the beach or a brisk water taxi over to the island of Nevis thereby offering two islands but one paradise. The sister island of Nevis is a seven minute water taxi away!

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our wedding planners to start planning your St. Kitts wedding and reception.

Timothy Hill St Kitts - Dreamy Weddings

St Kitts Weddings: Flights

During the high season, charters from Chicago, Detroit and Boston operate directly into the island, making St Kitts weddings easily accessible from the US. Connecting flights are also available from Puerto Rico or other Caribbean islands. Arrivals on Nevis are either by eight minute flight from St Kitts or via the ferry between Basseterre and Charlestown, Nevis, a scenic 45-minute trip.


St Kitts Weddings: Hotels

With accommodation ranging from international five star resorts to iconic plantation inns and hotels, St Kitts weddings offer a charming appeal for adventurous couples and their wedding party. Relax on the beach or get active on a heritage tour, there are activities for all ages, tastes and energy levels with your St Kitts wedding!

Brimestone Hill Fortress St Kitts - Dreamy Weddings

St Kitts Weddings: Venues

Whether it’s breathtaking views from Brimstone Hill, the vibrant colours of Caribelle Batik at Romney Manor, or sparkling white sand beaches on both islands, our St Kitts wedding venues possess an unspoilt beauty that makes for a very special wedding ceremony. ‘Follow your heart’ to this charming wedding destination and let us bring your dream St Kitts wedding to life.


St Kitts Weddings: Beaches

Romantically named and unforgettably beautiful, the island has beaches that simply beg to be the location for your St Kitts Wedding. Cockleshell Bay, Half Moon Bay and Turtle Beach are just a few of the exotic oceanfront venues, and choosing is the only challenge.

St Kitts Shopping

Although tiny, St Kitts has a wonderful capital, Basseterre, which has lots of colourful stores and stalls, and is home to the duty free cruise ship port, Port Zante, where international and local brands are available at excellent island prices.

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St Kitts Weddings: Requirements

Legal requirements for St Kitts weddings are straightforward and easy to follow, so couples can spend time enjoying the wonders of the island as they await their big day.

St Kitts & Nevis Map

St Kitts Facts

  • No residency requirement
  • Land Area : 68 square miles
  • Population : 56,066
  • Capital : Basseterre
  • Languages : English
  • Time Zone : Atlantic Standard Time
  • Currency : Eastern Caribbean dollar (US currency also accepted)
  • Cruise Call : Port Zante Cruise Terminal

Start planning your St Kitts Wedding today!

Follow your heart to St Kitts and we will make your dreams a reality.

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