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Washed by the Pacific Ocean in the West and the Gulf of Mexico in the East, perched between the United States and Central America, Mexico is home to some of the world’s most beautiful cities, ancient ruins and golden sand beaches. Mexico’s beauty and tropical appeal lures visitors to its shores all year round.

Wishing to get married in a tropical atmosphere? Journey to Mexico and enjoy the luxuries of the Caribbean outside of the Caribbean. Mexico Weddings offer beautiful locations to satisfy all history lovers, nature lovers and of course, the couple that enjoys ‘Sun, Sea and Sand’.

Mexico is one of the world’s top diving destinations for its storybook coral reefs. Mexico’s resort island of Cozumel is also home to a variety of natural, soft white sand beaches for relaxing, and snorkeling off rockier coves. A destination for adventure and romance, the multiple personalities of Cozumel include a beautiful Caribbean climate, wild rainforest jungle as well as abundant daytime activities and exciting nightlife.

Cozumel is surrounded by ancient history and the fascinating culture of the mystical Mayan people whose archaeological legacy can be seen at San Gervasio on a day excursion. Set in the world’s second largest coral reef, Cozumel has a mystical underwater sculpture park as well as excellent diving sites where you can swim up close and personal with turtles and admire the magical coralscapes populated by colourful tropical fish.

If your destination Dreamy Wedding plan includes fun, sun and a dash of exotic culture, choosing Cozumel promises for a unique and unforgettable Mexican affair.

Mexico - Flights - Dreamy Weddings

Mexico Weddings: Flights

Mexico City is the leading destination for international airlines, although many offer direct flights to tourist destinations such as Cancun, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Los Cabos and Monterrey. Cozumel, in particular, is easy to get to, with multiple direct flights into Cozumel International Airport on international carriers from the USA, Canada and Europe.

Mexico - Hotels - Dreamy Weddings

Mexico Weddings: Hotels

Accommodation ranges from couples all-inclusive and family beach resorts to five star luxury, private villas and self catering apartments, so if you are looking for a fast-paced party vibe for your destination Dreamy Wedding, Cozumel has everything you’ll need.

Mexico - Venues - Dreamy Weddings

Mexico Weddings: Venues

Two of Dreamy Weddings most popular wedding venues in Cozumel, Mexico are Playa Uvas Beach, a busy metropolitan stretch of resorts, hotels, restaurants, watersports, massage tables and every beach activity you could hope for, and Sky Reef Beach on the west coast has an array of water sports and rustic, waterside bars and restaurants.

Mexico - Roadtrip - Dreamy Weddings

Mexico Weddings: Road Trip

Isla Cozumel is full of Caribbean-Latin fusion and authentic old school charm, so hiring a scooter or bug and taking off around the island is a great way to meet locals and appreciate the windswept beauty of Cozumel. The coastal road leads to Mayan ruins called El Cedral, a water park and some of the most spectacular scenery you could wish for on your Dreamy Wedding vacation!

Mexico - Underwater - Dreamy Weddings

Mexico Weddings: Underwater

Not only is Cozumel renowned for its incredible scuba diving, nowadays you don’t have to struggle with equipment to swim with the fishes, as the island has glass bottom boats, submarines and personal mini-sub diving, so there’s absolutely no reason to miss the spectacular undersea kingdom. Whether you’re a beginner or a master looking for a destination wedding, Cozumel has amazing diving for everyone.

Wedding Rings - Dreamy Weddings

Mexico Weddings: Requirements

Mexico’s requirements for wedding ceremonies are straightforward and easy to follow, so couples can spend time enjoying the wonders of the country as they await their big day.

Mexico - Map - Dreamy Weddings

Mexico Facts

  • No residency requirement
  • Land Area :  761,600 square miles
  • Population : 129,273,152
  • Capital : Mexico City
  • Languages : Spanish, English
  • Time Zone : Central Time Zone
  • Currency : Mexican Pesos (US currency also accepted)
  • Cruise Call : Cozumel Cruise Terminal

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