Dominica Weddings


Dominica weddings offer a unique experience, quite different from any other Caribbean island. The island’s few beaches and few large resorts add to the local ‘natural’ charm of the island. Dominica (pronounced dahm-uh-NEE-kuh) is known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean, a wonderland of tropical rain forest and mountains laced with 365 rivers and home to a boiling volcanic lake. While other islands work on preserving their ecosystems, Dominica’s flora and fauna lie secluded, untouched by modern development and human encroachment.

There are two airports on the island however, most flights arrive at the busier Melville Hall Airport on the northeastern part of the island. The drive from the airport to the capital, Roseau is an hour and twenty minutes of spectacular mountainous scenery, through some of the most picturesque villages in the Caribbean.

Perhaps the most eco-touristic island of the Southern Caribbean, Dominica weddings are simply perfect for off-beat, eco-travelling couples looking for a very special ceremony in beautiful, natural surroundings. If mountains, rivers, waterfalls and nature are your vision of a dream ceremony, you’ll be delighted with your wedding in Dominica.

Dominica Weddings: Flights

Dominica is serviced by two airports: Douglas-Charles (DOM), formerly known as Melville Hall, and Canefield (DCF) Airports. Most Dominica wedding guests will arrive through Douglas-Charles as it is the larger of the two airports. Douglas-Charles, located in the north-eastern side of the island, approximately one hour from the city, features a longer runway and updated terminal. Canefield Airport is 15 minutes from the capital city of Roseau and has a shorter runway, only 3,100ft long. Regular commercial airline service into Canefield has resumed as of January 2016.


Dominica Weddings: Hotels

With accommodation ranging from intimate resorts and family hotels, beachside cottages, rustic inns and eco-lodges, there is a wide variety of choices for couples planning an environmentally friendly destination wedding in Dominica. Whatever your idea of getting back to nature, we have your Dominica wedding covered.

Dominica Weddings: Venues

Dreamy Weddings’ favourite venues for Dominica weddings are both beautiful and unusual. Emerald Pool is located in the Morne Trois Piton National Park, where a torrent of cool water splashes into the deep green waters below, surrounded by tropical ferns and shady forest. Mero Beach, near Roseau, is a wide, palm fringed, black sand bay with an authentic local flavour, yet another unforgettable venue for Dreamy Dominica weddings.


Dominica Weddings: Nature

The mountainous volcanic terrain of Dominica makes it a stunning island to visit, and paradise for eco-adventurers who really want to get off the usual tourist trails. With hundreds of mountain rivers and falls to tube, raft and kayak, a boiling lake and rain forest covered hillsides to walk, hike and zipline, the Nature Isle really does live up to its name, and offers a glimpse into a simpler Caribbean island lifestyle.

Dominica Kalinago

Dominica’s history is a fascinating one, and the island was originally inhabited by the tribe Kalinago tribe of Carib Indians, whose ancient traditions and culture you can visit at the protected Carib Territory. From thatched huts and hewn-wood fishing canoes to traditional foods like cassava bread and hand-crafted souvenirs, a visit to Dominica’s historical roots if a must on your Dreamy Wedding vacation to the Nature Isle.

Dominica Weddings: Requirements

Legal requirements for Dominica weddings are straightforward and easy to follow, so couples can spend time enjoying the charm of the island as they await their big day.


Dominica Facts

  • No residency requirement
  • Land Area :  290 square miles
  • Population : 72,785
  • Capital : Roseau
  • Languages : English
  • Time Zone : Atlantic Standard Time
  • Currency : Eastern Caribbean dollar (US currency also accepted)
  • Cruise Call : Roseau Cruise Ship Pier

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