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Barbados Weddings

Barbados home to Rihanna is often called Little England and is a favorite for European brides. Barbados weddings are ideally held at beach and garden locations. There is no residency in Barbados and your marriage licence can be obtained within one business day.

Barbados is easily accessible – the island is an important travel hub within the Caribbean, with services to and from nearby islands connecting with direct flights from the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK and Europe. This means if you’re not visiting the island via a cruise line, you still have options!

This island offers you picturesque wedding photos. The beaches are breathtakingly stunning and provides you with the peaceful wedding of your dreams! Whether you are a cruise or stayover destination bride, it’s always a good experience! We at Dreamy Weddings ensure that you have your dream destination wedding package

Barbados - Flights - Dreamy Weddings

Barbados Weddings: Flights

Barbados is easily accessible from the US, UK, Canada, Europe and South America. A number of international airlines provide scheduled and charter services between Barbados and other countries. In addition there are several smaller airlines which link Barbados with the Caribbean and South America.

Barbados - Hotel - Dreamy Weddings

Barbados Weddings: Hotels

With accommodation ranging from high-end luxury resorts, couples and family all-inclusives, beachside budget hotels, intimate inns, old plantation houses and private villas, Barbados has a wide variety of choices for couples planning their destination wedding. Whatever your idea of perfect, Barbados has your Dreamy Wedding getaway covered.

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Barbados Weddings: Venues

It’s not surprising that two of Dreamy Weddings’ favourite venues in Barbados are beaches. Brownes Beach, near Bridgetown, is an endless curve of white sand fringing the aquamarine waters of Carlisle Bay, which boasts the popular Barbados Yacht Club at its southern end. Bottom Bay Beach is a palm-fringed, pristine white-powder dream, with crystal green waters and sheltering cliffs, yet another unforgettable venue for your Dreamy Wedding in Barbados.

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Barbados Sugar

The fascinating history of sugar cane and rum production are at the heart of Barbados’ culture, and many heritage tours and attractions offer the essence of times past in the Caribbean. The attraction of rum continues to grow in the 21st century, and world renowned Bajan distillery, Mount Gay Rum, makes some of the finest; the distillery is also an excellent tour, complete with sampling!

Barbados - Caves - Dreamy Weddings

Barbados Caves

The geological wonders of nature are on full display at Harrison’s Cave in St. Thomas Parish, where stalagmites try to reach up to stalagtites and the photo opportunities are educational. The tram ride makes for a unique perspective, and makes it easy to enjoy the magical experience of an ancient work in progress.

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Barbados Weddings: Requirements

Barbados weddings requirements are straightforward and easy to follow, so couples can spend time enjoying the charm of the country as they await their big day.

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Barbados Facts

  • No residency requirement
  • Land Area : 166 square miles
  • Population : 285,229
  • Capital : Bridgetown
  • Languages : English
  • Time Zone : Atlantic Standard Time
  • Currency : Barbadian dollar (US currency also accepted)
  • Cruise Call :Bridgetown Cruise Terminal

Start planning your Barbados Wedding today!

Choose to get married in Barbados and let us make your dreams a reality.

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