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Aruba Weddings

Aruba (pronounced: Ah-roo-bah) is one of the Dutch Caribbean ‘ABC’ islands, and Aruba weddings are very popular with US travelers. Located off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is flat and dry with sunny weather, blonde-sand beaches and gentle tide making it a haven for snorkeling and diving. The constant trade winds bend the divi-divi trees in a signature southwesterly direction, and the landscape is strewn with cacti. A truly cosmopolitan island, Aruba’s European influence shows in the colorful architecture that features Dutch gables painted in tropical pastels, while English, Dutch and Spanish are spoken alongside the local tongue, Papiamento.

Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba is packed with beautiful original buildings alongside top class resorts and casinos. Tax free shopping is a real pleasure in the quaint, colorful streets of the beachside town, and at any moment, someone rich and famous can appear on the horizon.

With a special Dutch Caribbean charm and fast-paced sense of excitement, Aruba weddings offer the perfect mix of European, Caribbean and Latin American cultures.

Aruba Weddings: Flights

Your Aruba wedding is easy to get to, with direct flights from the USA and Canada as well as convenient connections from St Maarten and other Caribbean islands. You can also take a Caribbean cruise and get married on the island. Aruba is a USA point of entry, with its own Immigration and Customs facility, therefore considered a domestic destination.


Aruba Weddings: Hotels

Accommodation in Aruba ranges from all inclusive resorts to five star luxury, private villas and timeshares, so if you are looking for more fun than zen, Dreamy Weddings has your Aruba wedding covered.

Aruba Weddings: Venues

Eagle Beach and Manchebo Beach are two of Dreamy Weddings’ favourite venues for Aruba weddings, located close to each other on the west coast of the island. Wide arcs of powder-white sand scattered with the thatched cabanas of exquisite resorts, both locations are picture perfect paradise beaches, so if your dream is to get married on the pristine sand, we have many unforgettable venues for your Aruba wedding.


Aruba Casinos

If the bright lights and excitement of a little vacation gambling appeals to you, Aruba has some of the world’s best brands operating within resorts in the capital. With busy bars and restaurants, slots, tables and every game known to casinos, who knows, maybe Lady Luck will smile on your Aruba wedding!

Aruba Watersports

The shimmering aquamarine ocean surrounding Aruba offers perfect conditions for all types of sea-based fun. Surfing and kite-surfing, wake- and paddle-boarding, snorkeling, scuba-diving, sailing and of course, fishing, are just some of the adventures for visiting couples, and there’s even a submarine if all those activities sound too energetic for your Aruba wedding!

Aruba Weddings: Requirements

Legal requirements for Aruba weddings are straightforward and easy to follow, so couples can spend time enjoying the charm of the island as they await their big day.


Aruba Facts

  • No residency requirement
  • Land Area :  69 square miles
  • Population : 104,499
  • Capital : Oranjestad
  • Languages : Dutch, Papiamento, English
  • Time Zone : Atlantic Standard Time
  • Currency : Aruban Florin (US currency also accepted)
  • Cruise Call : Aruba Cruise Terminal

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