St Kitts & Nevis Florist Dreamy Décor Raises The Bar For High End Floral Arrangements

St Kitts And Nevis Florist Dreamy Décor Raises the Bar

This article about Dreamy Floral & Décor Bar, a St Kitts and Nevis florist owned and operated by award-winning Destination Wedding Planner Natalie John, was adapted from a feature on the Christophe Harbour blog in August 2017, and the original post can be viewed here.

The growth of the St Kitts & Nevis yachting industry continues to buoy local businesses, and Christophe Harbour is leading the charge. Since 2016, the company has increased the number of indigenous companies who transact with the marina by 60%, a number that is expected to grow as both the marina development and the yachting sector on the whole continue to expand. While
there is a multitude of different services and trades required to service visiting yachts, their guests and crew, one of the most important vendors to Christophe Harbour is a St Kitts and Nevis florist.

The yachting industry, and particularly the superyacht sector, is based around luxury and decadence, and while this may seem self-evident from the grandeur of the vessels that visit Christophe Harbour, and their expertly appointed interiors with tailor-made linens and smooth teak consoles, such luxury comes in more forms than many perhaps realise. Visit high-end
marina developments around the world, and you’re sure to find provisioning companies offering gourmet cuisine, alongside boutique designer clothing and jewelry stores, but what is often missing is the opportunity to purchase stand-out floral arrangements, an area in which St Kitts and Nevis florist Dreamy Floral & Décor Bar is really raising the bar.

Dreamy Floral & Décor Bar in Basseterre, a subsidiary of Dreamy Weddings, is The Marina at Christophe Harbour’s preferred provider of floral arrangements, meeting the needs of approximately 90% of all requests from visiting yachts. The St Kitts and Nevis florist truly listens to each
individual request, and provides a tailored solution with exceptional, timely service. In addition to serving the guests and crew of the yachts, Dreamy Floral & Décor Bar also provides floral arrangements for other areas of Christophe Harbour including The Pavilion and a number of
privately-owned villas.

“Dreamy Floral & Décor Bar are very professional in their approach and have a good understanding of the quality of arrangements that yachts require. Sometimes it is hard to deliver exactly what the yacht requests, but Natalie is very flexible and always provide suitable alternatives.”

~ Melanie Bennett, Marina Guest Services Manager

As a trusted business partner of Christophe Harbour, Dreamy Floral & Décor Bar has been exemplary in playing a key role in development of the yachting sector. A selection of the work produced for visiting superyachts is featured below. Click to view full size images.