Cruise Ship Weddings Are More Popular Than Ever But Are They For You?

Cruise Ship Weddings Are More Popular Than Ever – But Are They Right For You?

Cruise ship weddings are becoming more and more popular as a relatively low-cost way of tying the knot away from home. The UK’s Daily Express newspaper recently reported that a cruise ship wedding can cost as little as 5% of the average cost of a UK wedding. However, while we understand the desire to escape to the Caribbean for your nuptials, we believe that a land-based wedding is preferential to holding your ceremony onboard the ship, for a number of reasons, which we will highlight below.

Cruise Ship Weddings Licences Can Be Harder To Obtain Than Those For The Islands!

Cruise ship weddings typically adopt the legalities of their home port, which may place restrictions on who can officiate at your ceremony. If you want the captain to perform your legal ceremony, for example, this may only be possible if the ship is registered in Malta or Bermuda. Other cruise lines offer this service, but the paperwork signing has to be completed within the cruise terminal before the ship leaves its port of departure – not the most romantic of settings!

Land-based weddings are subject to the requirements of the destination in question, and despite what you may have been told, it’s perfectly straightforward, and completely legal, to get married on the day of arrival, with no overnight stay required, in most of the Caribbean islands. Dreamy Weddings works with a local representative in each of the markets in which we offer destination weddings, so that we can take care of the licence application process ahead of time. You can rest assured that all of your paperwork will be in place before your plane touches down.

Cruise Ship Weddings Tend To Be Packaged And Inflexible

Cruise ship weddings tend to be offered by the big-ship, mass-market cruise lines. These companies claim that because they plan hundreds of cruise ship weddings every year they are perfectly placed to handle the planning for your big day. Unfortunately, the flip side of this is that the sheer volume of ceremonies means that cruise ship weddings are typically fairly standard, with minimal opportunities for customization.

At Dreamy Weddings we believe that wedding packages should not be set in stone. Rather they should reflect the personality of the couple. We offer a number of different wedding packages, all of which are intended to be used as a basis for your ceremony, and we work with you from the outset to ensure that every aspect of your wedding, from floral arrangements to wedding cake, photographer to food and drink, is then tailored to meet your precise needs and tastes.

Cruise Ship Weddings Don’t Offer A View!

Cruise ship weddings may benefit from the warmth of the Caribbean sunshine, and our ocean views are certainly tranquil, but if you’re getting married during the day as the ship sails from one island to the next, there’s a good chance you won’t see much else! Even those ceremonies that take place while the ship is docked in port offer limited views compared to what each island has to offer once the commercial areas are left behind, and if you’re only visiting an island for the day, why spend it on the ship or at the terminal?

Contrast this with the stunning locations that we offer in each of our destinations, and there really is no competition. Choose from waterfalls that cascade into emerald pools, surrounded by tropical vegetation, seemingly endless white sand beaches, kissed by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, historical plantation homes, steeped in the romance of the islands and lovingly restored and maintained by their owners. All of our destination wedding locations can be reached by a short drive from the cruise terminal, and we can coordinate ground transportation for your entire wedding party, ensuring your return to the ship in time for departure.

Cruise Ship Weddings Can Be Inexpensive, But So Can Land-Based Weddings

Don’t be put off by horror stories about the expense of destination weddings. It is quite possible to put together a picture-perfect Caribbean wedding, crafted down to the last detail by a knowledgeable and experienced local professional wedding planner, for considerably less than a traditional wedding back home. Contact our cruise ship weddings specialist, Shanna, for more information on how Dreamy Weddings can help organize a Caribbean cruise ship wedding that will leave memories that last long after your tan has faded!