Weddings In Jamaica: A Guide To The #1 Caribbean Wedding Destination

What’s So Special About Weddings in Jamaica?

Jamaica is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, home to over 2.5 million people, and thousands of couples plan weddings in Jamaica every year. But what makes weddings in Jamaica different from other Caribbean destinations? Couples looking for sun, sea and sand can choose from dozens of islands, so why Jamaica?


Jamaica is the birthplace of Bob Marley, and the home of reggae. Wherever you may roam within Jamaica you’ll hear the unmistakable rhythm of reggae tunes that are certain to get you moving. We can recommend a number of excellent reggae bands, guaranteed to be a hit at your Jamaica wedding reception.

Food and Drink

What’s not to love about Caribbean cuisine? From freshly caught seafood, to lovingly seasoned chicken, the islands offer a delectable diet to tantalise every palate. Jamaica in particular is known worldwide for its spicy jerk seasoning. For our weddings in Jamaica we love to welcome guests with a refreshing rum cocktail, made with Appleton, Jamaica’s most popular rum, followed by a beach reception with a delicious meal of jerk chicken, rice and plantain!


As one recent couple getting married in Jamaica put it, true romance needs no words uttered to see its existence, its presence is simply undeniable. For this loving couple, Jamaica, and specifically the fabulous Shaw Park Waterfalls in Montego Bay, provided the perfect destination to represent this romance.


Jamaica has arguably more to offer visitors than the majority of its neighbours. From bamboo river rafting to ziplining, horseback riding to river kayaking, scuba diving to a catamaran sailing trip, adventure lovers will find a myriad of options in Jamaica. Those looking for something more laid back have no shortage of pristine white sand beaches to choose from, as well as a host of world class spa facilities, incorporating local ingredients such as lemongrass and coffee into their products and services.


Most of all, however, what Jamaica offers its visitors is the warmth of its friendly, fun-loving people. From the moment you arrive, you’re sure to be treated to genuine Jamaican hospitality. Perhaps more than any other island, the Jamaicans truly welcome visitors the way they would long-lost friends, and ensure that their visit is memorable, whether it’s a brief stopover for business, or a destination wedding.

For those considering weddings in Jamaica, you’re guaranteed memories that last a lifetime, especially if you embrace local customs, colours and cuisine to make the most of your Jamaica experience.

For more information on the options available to you, or to get started planning your Jamaica destination wedding, contact us today. Our dedicated Jamaica wedding planner will be delighted to answer your questions, and help get your planning underway!