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Planning your destination wedding with the right travel agent can be a wonderful experience especially if your travel agent has good reps or contacts on the ground. Well here are a few tips to make your destination wedding planning even more enjoyable and stress free. Our guidelines:

  • Tell your travel agent what’s your budget.
  • Decide how many persons will be in your wedding party.
  • Get help in choosing your location and ask for photos to be emailed to you so that you and your fiancee can view them in the comfort of your home.
  • Find out the distance of your hotel to the wedding venue and ask about any additional transportation costs for your guests.
  • Decide your theme or colours in advance; this helps in getting flowers for your bouquet, especially if they have to be imported.
  • With technology advancements, you may want to take digital photos and print them when you get back home, as this helps in reducing costs. Or you may want to choose the least expensive photography package and be sure to purchase your negatives so you can develop at home.
  • Ask about video editing if you require the services of a videographer.
  • Most Caribbean islands have a special rum cake or fruit cake which should be sampled and so you may want to have a small one for the ceremony.
  • No wedding is complete without a taste of Caribbean music, either steel band, local folk group or a local artist.
  • Ask your travel agent for their destination rep’s email so that you can have some contact or familiarity before you visit.
  • Ask about tipping and service charges.
  • If you want something of a local theme ask your travel agent to get the local places for you, as each destination has a really lovely cultural side and you may want that exotic memory to take back with you.
  • Ask about local wedding favours for your guests.
  • Ask for details of catering of a small reception or a lovely restaurant to celebrate after the ceremony.
  • And finally if any member of the bridal party has any disabilities or special needs, please let that be known in advance.

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